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El Trueque

Artist writer: Alex Appella
Categories: Bookwork / Poetry/Proses/Text Works

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Reference no.:NL/App.A/01.00 Place/Shelf:4sthAR

Book title: El Trueque
Year made: 2001
Place made: Argentina
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 150 x 215
Binder: bound by A Alleppa
Physical description: stab binding
Medium: text, proses
Further information:
"A collection of non-fiction short stories written in the sierras of Córdoba, Argentina, in 2000 and 2001. El trueque is the practice of bartering in Argentina.
At the time this book was written, the peso was harder and harder to come by, and bartering clubs became an ever increasing way for Argentineans to put food on the table and take care of basic clothing and miscellaneous needs. These true stories are based on Alex & Magu's [the printer/artist and her husband] experiences as regular participants in these bartering clubs." Alex Appella (from http://www.vampandtramp.com)

Artist writer: Alex Appella

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