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Metamorphosis: music notation

Artist creator: Annesas Appel
Categories: Bookwork / Digital Books, Image-graphic Books

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Reference no.:L/App.A/16.02 Place/Shelf:4sthDL

Book title: Metamorphosis: music notation
Year made: 2016
Place made: Netherlands
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 200 x 280
Binder: bound by A Appel
Physical description: stitched multi-section book with soft cover
Medium: graphics
Further information:
"Punched card music box. Until the 1890s street organs had their music stored on cylinders with pins... Cylinders were expensive to make and could store only a limited numbers of melodies of limited duration. It was therefore not surprising that the much more versatile and cheap organ books came into common use in the late 1890s. The use of punched cards for mechanical musical instruments was already patented in 1843 in Lyon by Claude-Felix Seytre, but the first significant "book organ" was built by the Italian Anselmo Gavioli in 1892." Annesas Appel

Artist creator: Annesas Appel

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