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Screwdriver Guilts

Editor/publisher: Bridget Chappell
Categories: Bookwork / Photocopy/Xerox, Zines/Chapbooks

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Reference no.:Z/Pro.Bri/08.00 Place/Shelf:Zines: box 2

Book title: Screwdriver Guilts
Published by: Project Bridget
Year made: 2008
Place made: Australia
Original: Yes
Dimensions: 120 x 170
Binder: bound by B Chappell
Physical description: stitched booklet
Medium: text, photo-collage, photographs
Collaborations: with friends
Further information:
This issue of 'Screwdriver Guilts' is not numbered. The actual date of this zine is unknown, probably before 2009. Also unknown is the country in which it was produced, perhaps Australia (Canberra).
"My first few zines (Screwdriver Guilts #1 & 2) were an amalgamation of crap, mostly nothing to do with me. I interviewed some skater in Norway about when THE GOVERNMENT OUTLAWED SKATING FOR LIKE 15 YEARS WTF, & Quan Yeomans from Regurgitator, who can I just mention, is such a dude." Bridget Chappell (from interview on 'capital-eyes.blogspot.com.au' posted by Daniel Boyle 28/4 2011)

Editor/publisher: Bridget Chappell

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IMAGES: Screwdriver Guilts

Screwdriver Guilts - 1

Screwdriver Guilts - 2