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GM Future

Designer, concept: Sarah Bodman
Writer: Sarah Bodman
Categories: Bookwork / Altered Books, Poetry/Proses/Text Works, Serigraph Print Books

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Reference no.:L/Bod.S/99.00 Place/Shelf:4sthBL

Book title: GM Future
Year made: 1999
Place made: UK
Original: Yes
(No. in Edition)
Dimensions: 185 x 125
Binder: stationery binding
Physical description: wire comb binding
Medium: found images, text screenprinted
Further information:
"They now predict a world where modified crops will flourish, providing food for all; flowers will bloom exactly to their specifications and man will harness nature to create a perfect GM World." (from 'GM Future')
"GM Future explores some of the possibilities of genetically modifying nature. The book offers a series of examples from slow growing grass, to specially bred plants, and some of the consequences of these experiments. Texts are interspersed with pages collected from old gardening books, and therefore; each book is a unique copy within the edition, as no two collected pages are the same." (from the CFPR Book Arts website)

This book is laced with satire, mocking a utopian world, to be brought by genetically modified plants. It is 'illustrated' with pages taken from gardening guides.

Designer, concept: Sarah Bodman
Writer: Sarah Bodman

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GM Future - 1

GM Future - 2

GM Future - 3